~ d r u i d i a ~

Thonex sunrise, 2019
Thonex sunrise, 2019


    Music!!! (both performing and listening)
    Games! Movies! Comics! Sci-fi/fantasy literature!
    Mediocre Photography! Sophmoric Web Design!
    Dead Languages
    Chai and fancy coffee

Other Pastimes:

    Being debt-ridden due to music
    Anything Star Wars related

Inspirations (in order of appearance):

    Dead Can Dance, Bel Canto, Le Mystère Des Voix Bulgares, Sarah McLachlan, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Miranda Sex Garden, Abbess Hildegard, Wanda Jackson, PJ Harvey, Loreena McKennitt, Monica Richards, Marta Sebestyen, Claire Voyant, Marjorie Extract, Kirstin Candy, Delerium, The Gathering, Conjure One, Sleepthief, Kitka, Marissa Nadler, Eivor

Best Movies Ever

    The Empire Strikes Back
    Lord Of the Rings (Yes, that is all one movie)
    American Beauty
    The Princess Bride
    Tie: Lost in Translation, Eternal Sunshine...