William Faith & Monica Richards

William Faith & Monica Richards, wed 1998.

Faith & the Muse
Evidence of Heaven
Mercyground, 1999-2000

Faith & the Muse's third release Evidence of Heavendeftly combines their earlier sound we've come to love and expect with a host of new elements. The opening track is a classical, solo piano piece from the archives of the late Joy Richards, thus Evidencebeings a uniquely personal album.
Other tracks range from catchy D-wave, to traditional, avant-garde, and more tribal pieces. My favorite is the minimalist and hypnotic "Shattered In Aspect," although it doesn't showcase William's brilliant guitar, as do pieces such as "Porphyrogene." It's also nice to hear William and Monica sing together on "Denn Die Todten Reiten Schnell."
Monica's already exquisite vocals just become more enticing with the varied phrasing, tone and range she displays on this album (yeah-- don't forget Monica used to front a hardcore band!). I feel like I have a small heart attack when I hear sung bittersweet refrains such as, "With arms too wide to hold just one/Too small to heal the world/Go on." Sigh, or maybe I'm just still so enthralled by seeing them live on the Blackout AD tour. Seriously, if you ever get a chance to see FAM live, please do so. There's no way you'll be disappointed.
Please note that William and Monica have recently remixed Evidenceand re-released it on their own label Mercyground. If you are interested in the new version please be sure to purchase it from their own web site, The Mercyground.

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