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l i v e   s h o w   p h o t o s:
Faith & the Muse
Soriah with Jill Tracy, San Francisco, 2011
Faith & the Muse, Utrecht, Netherlands, 2010
Rush, Shoreline Amphitheater, 2010
Coachella, 2010
Faith & the Muse, US tour 2010
Outside Lands, 2009

w r i t i n g
The reviews below are up to a good ten fifteen years old; it's a big mess. Did I mention I'm redoing the site?

Foday Musa Suso, preview of performance with Phillip Glass, Santa Barbara
Mission U.K., June 9, Ventura
X, May 27, Ventura
Ultraspank Feature, June 15, Santa Barbara Independent
Static-X, Pitchshift, Ultraspank, May 21, Hollywood
Ultraspank Interview, April 2000, Santa Barbara
Buckethead/Pleeseasaur, April 21, Santa Barbara
Incubus/Ultraspank, March 28, San Francisco
The Changelings, March 12, Ventura
Owsley, Feb 6, Santa Barbara
The Souvenirs, Jan 14, Santa Barbara
Brendan Perry, Nov 19, Los Angeles
Spitfire Spoken Word, Nov 6, Santa Barbara
Das Ich, Oct 31, Santa Barbara
John Taylor, Oct 4, Santa Barbara
The Damned, Sept 30, Ventura
Faith & the Muse, Evidence of Heaven

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