May 27, Majestic Ventura Theatre

I've been waiting half my life to see X! I missed my chance in high school when they came to Cal Poly (with the Red Hot Chili Peppers no less) because I wasn't 18, so finally seeing the original line-up of X was a real dream. If I flinched at the $25 ticket price, I've forgotten about it.

Everyone played with expert musicianship, and John Doe and Exene with particular verve. Something was weird about Billy Zoom though... while his playing was great, he stood there with a half-goofy, half-catatonic look on his face most of the show. But I didn't mind really. It was sort of an interesting balance to Doe. The audience-- which had the tiniest age span of 15 to 50 something-- went absolutely insane over their oldest hits such as "Los Angeles," "Riding With Mary," and "Hungry Wolf."

One of Santa Barbara's (and my) most cherished bands opened the show, Blazing Haley, as well as Flogging Molly... but we missed the openers and got their literally as X took the stage. I feel really fortunate that not only did I finally get to experience live such a huge part of my formative years, but that they were so awesome.

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